Both Clivus Multrum and Ecolet waterless composting toilets have been approved and accepted by State Regulatory Bodies in Australia and are widely recognised as valid and beneficial toilet solutions for almost any application. From remote National Park facilities to some of the most high profile commercial tourist spots, to family homes, throughout the country, our toilet solutions continue to perform well year after year.

Our waterless composting toilet solutions meet the requirements of New Zealand and Australian Standards. This ensure our products are manufactured to a consistently high standard, as well as being safe and hygienic.

  Model AS NZS 1546 2 Logo.jpg QLD NSW VIC ACT SA NT WA TAS
  EcoLet NE Slimline 30  a a  a a  a a a a a
  EcoLet NE Separerra 30 On Floor a a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a
  EcoLet 15e a  a a  a a a a a a
  EcoLet 25e a  a a a a a a a a
  EcoLet 55ai a a a a a a a a a
  EcoLet 65ai  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a a
  CM2  Underway                
  CM8 a   a  a a  a a a  a a 
  CM10 a   a  a a a  a  a  a  a
  CM14 a a a a a   a  a  a  a
  CM20 a a a  a a a a a a
  CM40 a  a   a a a a a a

Certificate Download:
Australian Standard approval AS/NZ 1546.2.pdf