Everyone wants a great deal, but what does the science say?

As humans, we’re genetically wired to try and get the best deal we can in any given situation. This makes sense when you think about our ancient ancestors on the plains hunting for food. The biggest or best prey weren’t always the best ‘deal’ for a hunter, they had to figure out which beast gave them the…

Clivus Multrum Continuous Composting

Why is continuous composting an excellent option? A continuous system has the lowest maintenance of any composting toilet offerings. As a rule of thumb. the larger the toilet, the larger the capacity which means the least maintenance.

Nusa Island Retreat now using our waterless composting toilets

Nusa Island Retreat is an island playground that’s right in the middle of paradise. Located on Nusa island in the subtropical region north of Papua New Guinea, it’s a remote and beautiful part of the world.Given that the resort is located on an island and it’s fairly isolated, a sustainable and easily manageable toilet system for their…

Are composting toilets legal in Australia?

Wondering if it’s legal to install a composting toilet in Australia? We cover things like state and local laws along with Australian Standards in this article.

Vermicomposting toilets – what are they and how do they work?

If you’ve been using your composting toilet for a while now, or are new to the world of composting toilets you may have stumbled across the term vermicomposting toilet. We’re going to look at what these are, if they work and what’s involved with keeping one.  What is a Vermicomposting toilet? Put simply, a vermicomposting toilet is…
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