Commercial composting toilets – the tankless alternative

When you combine these factors with environmental impact and water usage, it makes perfect sense to look at composting toilets as a commercial toilet option.

Here’s a few reasons companies are looking at commercial toilet installations:-

  • They use no water (some models are completely dry – others use a small amount of water in their flushing mechanism)
  • Use little energy (exhaust fans can be hooked up to solar)
  • There is no smell
  • Maintenance is easy and clean
  • Can handle large capacity crowds
  • Our commercial grade composting toilets are an excellent option if you need commercial toilets where there is a limited water supply or if you're looking for a tankless toilet alternative.

Why we are the perfect tankless toilet alternative

Tankless toilets are great for their clean lines and modern look. Many companies choose them because of their smaller size, water conservation capabilities and minimal maintenance.

The best thing about composting toilets is that they provide everything a tankless toilet does, along with the added benefit of being a completely waterless solution and having a usable, safe compost available for use throughout the lifetime of the product.

Composting toilets are the ideal solution for:-

  • National Parks & Wildlife Services
  • Roadside Rest Areas
  • Mines
  • Defence Camps in Remote Areas
  • Tourist Lodges & Resorts
  • Camping Grounds
  • Permaculture Centres
  • Remote Communities
  • Alpine Regions
  • Environmental Education Centres
  • Scout Associations
  • Local Sporting Groups

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Monday, 18 December 2017 04:31

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