Why more commercial businesses are using composting toilets

When thinking about commercial toilet systems there’s a couple of things companies are always looking for:-

  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance and
  • Low ongoing costs

These elements largely impact on the upfront and ongoing costs that businesses will invest in when implementing a commercial toilet solution. This combined with access to water, access to electricity and attitude towards community and environmental impact may also contribute to finding a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional ‘flush’ toilets.

Our range of Clivus Multrum toilets are an excellent option when looking for commercial grade, large capacity, environmentally friendly toilet systems. The easy installation and relatively low ongoing and installation costs make them popular options in commercial operations, national parks, mine sites, defense camps, and all sorts of groups, associations and clubs across Australia.

Composting toilets are easy to install

Composting toilets don’t require any special tools or significant skills to install – in fact, many of our residential customers install composting toilets themselves.

Our CM rage of toilets come in a variety of different sizes and come with:-

  • Fully assembled composting tank
  • 12V fan & 240V transformer
  • Vent pipe flashing, fan housing & vent
  • Rain cover (150mm)
  • Maintenance tool
  • Starter bacteria
  • Bulking agent sample
  • Sealant & screws
  • Installation manual
  • Operation & Maintenance manual
  • and depending on how many toilets need to be installed they can easily be setup within several hours.

Composting toilets are easy to maintain

Traditional flush toilets have many working parts that can wear, decay or break and ongoing costs and maintenance is something that needs to be considered when implementing a toilet system. Clivus Multrum composting toilets have less moving parts and don’t require nearly as much maintenance as a traditional flush toilet and the best part is, you get a useful end product by adopting one!

The reduction in components when compared to a traditional flush commercial toilet system means there’s going to be less mechanical failures. This means toilets are more accessible more often and with lower cost and maintenance scheduling.

When it comes to cleaning, composting toilets typically have larger bowls than a standard toilet so this can mean less soiling in general. If soiling does occur, the air flowing through the system dries the soiling which then flakes off into the system after a time. There’s also the option to use an environmentally friendly detergent or nature flush enzyme to clean the bowl if needed.

Solar powered option available

If your commercial toilet system is to be located in an area where electricity is not available, a solar system can easily be integrated to enable the exhaust fans to work. This combined with no water usage for the system leads to an incredibly environmentally friendly system.

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