Clivus Multrum Continuous Composting

Why is continuous composting an excellent option?

A continuous system has the lowest maintenance of any composting toilet offerings.  As a rule of thumb. the larger the toilet, the larger the capacity which means the least maintenance

What's the importance of shape and height?

Basically, as a continuous system there is fresh waste on top and composted waste on the bottom - that’s the way that we like it. The fresh waste should take at least six months to migrate from being the top of the pile to the bottom. What causes this ‘rotation’ is taking usable compost out of the bottom of the pile so everything else can start to fall through.

Why is the requirement for two doors?

There are two doors on all of our Clivus Multrum continuous tanks. The top one we refer to as the viewpoint or the maintenance access window. This maintenance window gives you access to the top of your composting pile - yes, the fresh stuff. This is useful if you need to level your compost pile or if you dropped something valuable down your pedestal and need to retrieve it. Or if you are adding the bulking agent to your compost pile separate from your pedestal. 

The second door is your main access door. This is where you will access your usable compost and remove it from the pile. The baffle in place shelters this bottom part of the pile from the top so you don’t see any fresh waste through this door! Depending on your usage and the capacity of your tank you could be doing this every six months or every few years.

Why is there a need for a false floor and drainage?
The floor that the compost pile sits on is a false floor. This is to help drain any excess liquid through the pile. Underneath this false floor any excess liquid will either drain away or evaporate.
Is there any flexibility with placement of the tank and pedestal?

For the most part if you are going for a waterless pedestal the tank does need to be directly below. 

We don’t cut the hole for the chute, it is a part of your installation process; this means you can put the chute where you need it to be. As a rule of thumb, the optimal placement is as central as possible or closer to the back of the unit (the opposite side to your access doors). 


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