Real life with an EcoLet

An EcoLet makes the grade in a permanent home


Joan lives in the Mount Alford area in the heart of the Scenic Rim of south-east Queensland, just 15kms from Boonah and 100kms from Brisbane. Joan wanted a Council approved toilet for her home but it is surrounded by large trees and planted gardens so the space available in her backyard could not accommodate a septic tank. As she lives alone, Joan didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a toilet.


Joan had heard about waterless toilets, so after doing her research and speaking to a Clivus Multrum representative she settled on an EcoLet Automatic which is ideal for 3 people full time. This means when Joan has visitors her EcoLet is not overloaded and it only has to be emptied once a month.

With the help of a friend Joan installed the toilet herself and has maintained it ever since. The EcoLet Automatic contains an electric heater and fan to aid the composting process by evaporating excess liquids, regulating the temperature, and providing additional air flow to the compost mixture. After each use the toilet automatically mixes and aerates waste.


  • The toilet was easy to install – Joan did it herself!
  • It is easy to maintain – Joan only has to empty it once every month
  • It is aesthetically pleasing – Joan thinks it is neat and tidy and goes well with the rest of her bathroom 
Thursday, 07 March 2019 01:53