Retiring with an EcoLet

User friendly and inexpensive solution for limited water supply area.


Mrs Marshall had moved onto acreage outside Goondiwindi to be with her son and his young family. The area is more than 10km outside the town limits and as such is not connected to sewage and also has a low annual rainfall so saving water is a priority. Initially Mrs Marshall used a porta potty but she wanted a more permanent yet inexpensive solution.


Having read about waterless toilets in Blues Magazines, Mrs Marshall settled on an EcoLet Manual which is ideal for 2 people full time.

Her son installed the toilet in her granny flat and she has maintained it ever since. Every morning she switches on the fan and heater which came with the toilet. These aid the composting process by evaporating excess liquids, regulating the temperature, and providing additional air flow to the compost mixture. After each use Mrs Marshall simply turns the T-handle at the top of the toilet a couple of times to mix and aerate the waste.


  • Easy to maintain – Mrs Marshall changes the compost bins over herself and uses the compost in her garden
  • It doesn’t smell – Mrs Marshall turns the fan on every morning to aid the composting process and has had no trouble with smells in the 6 years she has had the toilet

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