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Clivus Multrum CM LP used in Elle Paton’s Tiny Home

Elle wanted a system that was as environmentally friendly as possible. An off-grid composting system that required minimal power input from her solar system was the logical choice. "Originally I had another in house system that required too much maintenance, and the Clivus Multrum system was a far better choice for my set-up." 

PROJECT: Elle Paton’s tiny home on wheels
PRODUCT: Clivus Multrum Low Profile (CM LP)
WHEN: May 2020


"It has been a diverse set of responses. Some people are surprised that it doesn't smell at all, and others have been surprised that the local council have allowed it. I've had some friends pull me aside quietly and asked me how to use it, which I expected. Overall, the response has been positive and most like the idea. 

Most people are curious about how the system works, and I've been happy to take the opportunity to give them a demo. I run educational events in my tiny home, so I use my spare unit to demonstrate how easily you can manage a composting toilet. Three people who attended the events had said that they would now consider composting toilets when they hadn't considered a composting toilet before. A great outcome!" - Elle  


  • I like knowing that I am saving water and keeping my footprint small. 
  • This model requires less work to maintain than my previous toilet. I only have to change the storage unit approximately every eight months. 
  • I like that the waste is stored outside of the home and that removing the waste doesn't require me to move the waste through my house.
  • The low profile of this model works perfectly in a small house design. Space is at a premium.
  • I like that it looks like a regular toilet. Some composting toilets look like composting toilets. The pedestal looks like a more traditional bathroom without compromising on style.
  • I like that I am using a hemp industry byproduct in my system. 
  • It may sound a little strange, but I really enjoy educating and inspiring people to think differently with something as simple as a toilet. It's often the little things that make the most significant impact on a project like mine. 

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