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Kiabola Beach Primary School

In April 2017 three brand new Clivus Multrum composting toilets were installed at Kiabola Beach Primary School located in the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea. This school has about 250 teachers and students and previously they have had to use pit toilets. This has obvious implications on sanitation, the environment and the senses.

When teachers at the school were asked “what is the main concern here at the primary school?” the response came quickly and with certainty – “SANITATION”. Hence the new toilet system which requires no water for flushing and ultimately provides the school with fertiliser for their gardens.

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University is well known for reducing it’s carbon and environmental footprint.

Railaco Kraic Village in East Timor

Supporting education and better living standards

ESPOIR School of Life

The ESPOIR School of Life needed a toilet solution that didn’t need running water & wasn’t going to contaminate groundwater.

Kata Tjuta National Park

A World Heritage Area recognised for both its natural values and cultural values