Welcome to Clivus Multrum, where the care for the environment, great design and renewable living come together in our range of waterless composting toilets.

Domestic Waterless Toilet Solutions
If you’re looking for Australian composting toilets for the home, you’ve come to the right place. Our range of manual and fully automated composting loo systems are the perfect waterless solution for your home, holiday house, studio or apartment. Call us today on 1300 138 182.

Manual Waterless Toilet Systems
Our range of manual toilet systems enable quick and easy disposal of waste along with the ability to compost and come with a range of fan and heater options. If you’re building a home and need a temp toilet option, live in an area where power isn’t available, a remote location or are interested in ‘getting off the grid’ take a look at our range of manual waterless composting toilet options.

Automatic Composting Toilets
For those that enjoy having more time to enjoy the niceties of life, our range of automatic composting toilets are certainly a time saver and a joy to use. Built with fans, heaters and mixing systems, these automatic composting waterless toilets make the composting process simple, easy and effective.

Large Composting Toilet Systems
If you have a large family or are looking into composting toilets for a bed and breakfast, bush getaway, class environment (yoga studio, small conference centre, etc) we have a range of waterless bathroom systems that will save you on plumbing and can be used from between 4 - 9 people full-time, depending on your requirements.

Talk to us today about composting toilets – 1300 138 182.