Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why choose a Clivus Multrum waterless composting toilet?

5 reasons why a Clivus Multrum is the best choice in waterless composting toilets:

  1. You may need the most practical option for a site with limited water supply, or where rocky or poor draining soil is present, or where proximity to waterways may mean that discharge from septic systems is not permitted.
  2. You may need to provide a public facility that is self-contained, can cope with variable usage and requires minimal maintenance.
  3. You want a cost-effective system that is easily installed and cared for.
  4. You may be firmly committed to using ecologically sustainable ways of living, and are aware of the damage that conventional water-based systems are ultimately doing to our waterways. You wouldn't choose anything but a composting toilet.
  5. With a Clivus Multrum Service and Support Plan for commercial and public facilities, you can be assured that your toilets are kept clean and in good working condition.

We designed it to be all that and more! Our unique design features and after sales support mean better performance, resulting in the most reliable and efficient waterless composting toilet.

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